Launched in January 2014,
Bithumb has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea with the most traded volume in the world by January 2017, just three years after launch.
Bithumb currently aims to become the no. 1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world along with Bithumb, Bithumb Global, and Bithumb Singapore.
We provide other business services with listed companies such as BT.ONE, BTCI, Vaultrust, Kodebox, seriesOne and so on.

Here is our Bithumb family.

We are creating a blockchain ecosystem with fourteen partners from around the world including three cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency storages, STO, and venture capitals.

  • Bithumb Exchanges

  • Bithumb Chain

  • Bithumb Custody

  • Bithumb Blockchain Economy

  • Bithumb STO

  • Bithumb OTC

  • Bithumb Decentralized Exchange

  • Bithumb Research

Bithumb Exchange
  • Bithumb

    • - The largest number of 4.5 Million local customers
    • - Largest Daily Trading Volume: 7 Billion USD
    • - More Search calls than Bitcoin (N Company)
    • - Korean WON Deposit & Withdrawal Available
  • Bithumb Global

    • - 3 Markets : USD(s), BTC, ETH
    • - Over 100 pairs, and Over 80 listed coins
    • - Staging, Staking, C2C Services
    • - 7 Language Support, Expanding Global Counters
  • Bithumb Singapore

    • - Global Exchange stationed in Singapore, Hub of Finance
    • - 3 Markets: BTC, QTUM, TUSD
    • - Purchase coins with VISA & MASTER cards
    • - Transaction fee 0% for level 2 members
Bithumb Chain
  • Bithumb Chain

    • - Enables the transfer of values and information. And also integrates the biz-environment of the industry.
    • - Provides the flow in trading and establishes the protocol of new generation.
    • - Upgrades on existing Bithumb products, services and infrastructure.
    • - Established Core infrastructure creates the environment with new values.
    Coming Soon
  • Bithumb Wallet

    • - Safe Storage for BTC, ETH, ERC20
    • - Buy, Send, Store, Withdrawal available everywhere in the world
    • - More secured asset storage with Multi-Sig technology- Simple but Powerful Digital-asset Wallet
    • - Simple but Powerful Digital-asset Wallet
    Coming Soon
Bithumb Custody
  • VaulTrust

    • - Safe Storage and Management of Digital Assets
    • - Storage / Monitoring / Distribution for ICO foundations.
    • - Custody service and OTC Escrow service for exchanges, institutions and individuals.
  • InVault

    • - Certified virtual asset management service in Asia and Pacific area
    • - Regulation-abiding and licensed storage service
    • - Asset management solution with security, efficiency, and flexibility
    • - Flat Gateway solution that promises perfect compatibility.
    • - Team with experienced experts in finance / technology / security
Bithumb Blockchain Economy
  • BTC Investment

    • - Promotes the potential Ventures and Start-ups
    • - Possesses the competence and the start-up management know-how of Bithumb
    • - Expands the support on management service and upcoming fund-raise
    • - Contributes to creating jobs and supports the liquidity and infrastructure.
  • BT.ONE

    • - Listed company on KOSPI
    • - Blockchain platform company leading 4th generation industry.
    • - BT.One Lab’, the education service for training developers specialized in ICT.
    • - Kiosk product, ‘BT.One Touch’
Bithumb STO
  • Series One

    • - Fin-tech company under registration for the License given by FINRA and SEC
    • - With Bithumb, currently establishing STO One-stop Platform which enables the issuance of security token, financing and trading.
  • Kodebox

    • - Blockchain company specialized in trading, and tokenization of real-estate, securities and digital assets.
    • - Supports features of existing security market such as dividend, interest distribution, resale and voting
    • - Issuing the tokens abiding KYC/AML, regulations and so on.
Bithumb OTC
  • Ortus

    • - OTC platform for Institutional investors.
    • - Definite quantity, abiding KYC and AML
    • - Quick support through employees in globe.
    • - Safe storage of Fiat currency and Cryptocurrency
Bithumb De-Centralized Exchange
  • Bithumb DEX

    • - Decentralized Exchange service, rooting the security as the standard.
    • - Provides the alternative platform for blockchain investors.
    • - Provides stable trade-execution, asset liquidity, and secured environment.
Bithumb Research
  • Crossangle

    • - The most accurate disclosure platform for crypto assets.
    • - On/off chain data curation specialized in Blockchain
    • - Provides the standardized frame and data for analysis and review.
    • - Cooperation with crypto-asset related communities for strong transparency.

* Bithumb Korea

  • The maximum daily transaction amount: 7.6 trillion won (as of Jan. 16, 2018)
  • Bithumb is searched more than ‘bitcoin,’ based on the accumulated number of searches on the portal ‘N’ from Oct. 2017 to Sept. 2018