2019-02-26 11:03:52

Hello, this is global cryptocurrency exchange BITHOLIC.
The new version of BITHOLIC is going to be released on Feb 27, 2019.

- New version Open (Expected date) : Feb 27 2019, 14:00:00 (UTC+8)


From the new version of BITHOLIC, users can expect that:
 - they would trade cryptocurrencies more conveniently by choosing the device they want.
 - they could check their balances more obviously and deposit/withdraw them more conveniently.

In order to celebrate BITHOLIC update, BITHOLIC team has well prepared a variety of events for users.


[Event 1] Share BITHOLIC Website Revamp news. (completed)

1. Requirement
 - Level 2 users

2. Event period
 - Feb 28 2019, 10:00:00 ~ Mar 1 2019, 16:59:59 (UTC+8)

3. How to participate
 - Step1 : Post revamp event news on communities 
 - Step2 : Submit your BITHOLIC ID and URL address where you post
 * Only URL that really exists is considered to be the event participation.
 * Once the first 100 people in total participate, this event will be terminated by default.

4. Rewards
 - The total 100 users that complete Step2 will be given 7 BXA each (First Come, First Served)

[Event 2] Please deposit BTC.

1. Requirement
 - Level 1 & 2 users

2. Event period
 - Feb 28 2019, 10:00:00 ~ Mar 5 2019, 15:59:59 (UTC+8)

3. How to participate & Rewards (Draw)
 - Please deposit your BTC into your BITHOLIC account that you should confirm in advance.
 - The total 60 people selected from the draw will be given 50 BXA each as a reward. (The Draw based on deposit frequency)

[Event 3] Please trade freely.

1. Requirement
 - Level 2 users

2. Event period
 - Feb 28 2019, 10:00:00 ~ Mar 5 2019, 15:59:59 (UTC+8)

3. How to participate & Rewards
 - Users can trade freely in all trading pairs of BITHOLIC.
 - BXA reward is supposed to be distributed according to the below standard

Type Standard People Reward
Total (PC & Mobile Web + Mobile App) The draw (Trade frequency is 50 or more) 5 1,000 BXA
The draw (Trade frequency is 30 or more) 10 500 BXA
The draw (Trade frequency is 10 or more) 40 100 BXA

Mobile App

TOP 10 users based on trade frequency 10 300 BXA

* BXA (Blockchain Exchange Alliance / www.bxa.com)
BXA is going to combine exchanges from different countries into one and
apply various financial services such as wire transfer and payment in a medium to long term.
(BXA token will be officially listed this March.)


[ Note ]
1. Only 1 account per person shall be allowed to participate in the event.
2. Rewards are going to be deposited on user's indivisual account within 10 days after the event end.
3. Users satisfying standards mentioned above will be notified by email and check their coins deposited via "BALANCES HISTORY".
4. Event participations through internal transfers between bitholic accounts are considered as abnormal participations. (Considered as the same user's owned account)
5. The abnormal event participation shall be excluded from this event.
6. BITHOLIC reserves the right of final interpretations for this event at its sole discretion.
7. Event periods are subject to change without prior notice.