[EVENT] BITHOLIC User Survey (June 2019) - End
2019-06-13 09:48:55

Hello, this is global cryptocurrency exchange BITHOLIC.
We prepared the 2nd Survey to hear more feedback and needs from BITHOLIC users.
We hope that many of you will participate.


1. Requirement
 - Users who have at least 1 trading history (Level 1&2)


2. Period
 - June 13 2019, 10:00:00 (UTC+8) ~ first-come, first-served
 * The Survey will be finished as soon as the first 300 complete the survey


3. How to participate
 - Step1) Please click the 'Participate in the Survey' link below.
 - Step2) Participation is to be completed after you fill in the survey and click the 'submit' button.


4. Rewards
 1) First 300 users : 0.2 ETC (per user)
 2) Good-answered 10 users (PICK) : 3 ETC (per user)



[ Note ]
1. Only 1 account per USER shall be allowed to participate in the survey.
2. Users who did not verify their phone number cannot participate in all events. (excluded from the rewards)
3. Rewards are going to be deposited into user's indivisual account within 10 days after the Survey end.
4. Users satisfying standards mentioned above will be notified by email and check deposited coins via "BALANCES HISTORY".
5. The abnormal survey participants shall be excluded from the rewards.
6. BITHOLIC reserves the right of final interpretations for this Survey at its sole discretion.
7. Survey period is subject to change without prior notice.