[EVENT] 'Trade Everyday' Event - End
2019-10-21 15:30:41

Hello, this is the global cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Singapore.
We prepared an event for users who trade every day on Bithumb Singapore.
We hope that many of you will participate.

1. Period
  - October 22 2019, 00:00:00 ~ November 20 2019, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

2. How to participate
  - In BTC market, trade every day. (More than 1 time in a day)
  - Rewards will be given depending on the accumulative number of 'Trading Days'.
  * Trading Days : It means the days when the user participates in trading.

3. Rewards (Basic + Additional Rewards)

 1) Basic Rewards
  - Users who trade more than 7 days will get 'Basic Rewards'.
  - Basic Rewards = the number of Trading Days × 0.1 TUSD

 2) Additional Rewards
  - Users who trade more than 21 days will get 'Additional Rewards'.

Trading Days


Additional Rewards
21-25 days 3 TUSD
26~29 days 7 TUSD
30 days 15 TUSD

[ Note ]
1. Requirements : Level 1 & 2 users (New users also can participate in the event.)
2. Users who did not verify their phone number cannot participate in all events. (Excluded from the rewards)
3. Only 1 account per PERSON shall be allowed to participate in the event. (1 person = 1 account)
4. Only 1 account per DEVICE shall be allowed to participate in the event. (1 device = 1 account)
5. Internal transfer between Bithumb Singapore accounts are considered as abnormal participation. (Accounts owned by the same user)
6. Rewards will be given within 10 days after the event end. (Individual notice by email)
7. The abnormal event participation shall be excluded from this event.
8. Even after the rewards are given, the given rewards for abnormal participation will be able to take back. (Restrict the use of service)
9. Bithumb Singapore reserves the right of final interpretation for the event.
10. Event period is subject to change without prior notice.