2018-11-27 15:00:41


This is global cryptocurrency exchange BITHOLIC.


On december 2018, we have prepared events for new users of BITHOLIC. 

We look forward to your participation. 



1. Event period

  - Nov 28(Wed), 2018 00:00:00 ~ Dec 17(Mon), 2018 23:59:59 (UTC+8)


2. Requirement

  - All of the users who newly register on BITHOLIC during the event


3. How to participate

  - Step 1) Completion of level 2 verification.

  - Step 2) Deposit coins at least once on market.

  - Step 3) Trade coins at least 10 times. (Participation completed)


4. Rewards

  - 5 TUSD for all users who have participated in the event.


5. Reward date

  - Rewarded within a week after end of the event.



[ Note ]

1. Only one account per person is allowed to participate in the event.

2. You need to register a photo that meets the requirements for level 2 verification. 

3. Due to the increased number of level 2 verification attempts, verification times may be delayed.

4. Deposits through internal transfers between bitholic accounts are considered as abnormal participations. (Considered as the same user owned account)

5. Rewarded coins can be checked on BALANCES HISTORY.

6. The abnormal event participation shall be excluded from this event.

7. BITHOLIC reserves the right of final interpretation for the event.

8. Event period is subject to change without prior notice.