I’ve lost my phone where I set OTP. How do I recover my OTP?

Normally, there might be 3 different cases for you to recover your OTP. Please refer to the below things:


1. You’ve lost your phone where you set OTP.

2. You’ve deleted your OTP apps by mistake.

3. You’ve changed your phone where you set OTP.


If you were belonging to those 3 cases mentioned above, you can use 16 digit key that you stored and saved so that you can recover your OTP.


Step by Step Guide is as follows:

 1) Run [OTP apps].

 2) Touch the [+] button at the bottom right and then select [Enter a provided key].

 3) Enter [Account name] and [Your key]. Then touch the [ADD] button.


※ Note : Do not forget to backup the 16 digit key irrecoverable just in case of losing it. Please keep it safe after OTP enabled.