[NOTICE] Procedure for the WAX delisting
2019-07-03 10:00:02

This is the global crypto exchange BITHOLIC.


Below is the step by step procedure for the WAX delisting.
Please be sure to confirm the planned schedule as follows:



Step 1. Deposit Halt
 - July 3 2019, 10:00:00 (UTC+8)


Step 2. Trading Halt
 - July 10 2019, 10:00:00 (UTC+8)
 - Trading Halt Pair : WAX/BTC
 * All 'open orders' of WAX/BTC will be canceled after the trading halt.


Step 3. Withdrawal halt
 - August 7 2019, 10:00:00 (UTC+8)
 * You can NOT withdraw WAX tokens after the withdrawal halt please be sure to withdraw in advance.
 * Min Withdrawal Amount : 10.1 WAX


* WAX will be delisted from BITHOLIC only. (WAX trading is available on other exchanges.)



Sorry to make the inconvenience for the BITHOLIC use.


Thank you.