[NOTICE] Support Guide the QI Token(QI) air drop provided to QTUM(QTUM) holders - Deposit/Withdrawal Disabled
2021-02-11 18:52:22

This is the global digital asset exchange Bithumb Singapore.

Bithumb Singapore will support the Qi Token(QI) airdrop provided to Qtum(QTUM) holders.

[Official Announcement from the Foundation]

■ Qi Token(QI) Airdrop
- For users holding Qtum(QTUM) at the time of snapshot
- Airdrop Rate : QTUM : QI = 1 : 0.5
- Airdrop Distribution : The date of airdrop distribution will be announced through a separate notice.

- Withdrawal : Withdrawal will be announced through a separate notice.

■ The Schedule of Deposit and Withdrawal Suspension and Snapshot
- Deposit and Withdrawal Services Suspension : February 11, 2021(Thu) 19:00 (UTC+8) scheduled
- Block Height : 793,284
- Date of Expected Snapshot : February 12, 2021(Fri) 23:00 (UTC+8)

- Resumption of QTUM Deposits and Withdrawals : Separate notice will be made once the stability checking is done.
* Snapshot is performed based on block height, and the expected snapshot timing may change depending on network conditions and block creation speed.

- This airdrop is subject to change depending on internal circumstances and the Qi Token(QI) Foundation's airdrop policy.
- Qtum(QTUM) that has not been deposited at the time of the snapshot will not be counted as holding amount. And holders below 1 QTUM will be excluded from the airdrop.
- The schedule of support for the Qi Token(QI) transaction and deposit and withdrawal service will be announced in the future.

Thank you.