[NOTICE] 'Withdrawal Address Management' Launch
2021-03-02 10:51:53
This is a global digital asset exchange Bithumb Singapore.  

In order to become a licensed and legal digital asset exchange operator in Singapore,
We launched the 'Withdrawal Address Management' function. 

1. Change
  - AS-IS : Enter withdrawal address manually. 
  - TO-BE : Register withdrawal address and then choose one of the registered addresses. 

2. How to register withdrawal address
  1) Click the 'Address Management' button on the 'Withdrawal' page.
  2) Click the 'Register Withdrawal Address' button.
  3) Enter Name (Receiver) and Address and then click the 'Register Withdrawal Address'' button below. 

3. Launch Time : March 03, 2021 15:00 (UTC+8)

4. Note
  - Up to 5 addresses can be registered for each coin.

Thank you.